90% of Python Bundle

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Do you want to be proficient with Python in a matter of hours? Are you tasked with reading or tweaking Python code, yet have never learned the language? Do you want to spend your time scouring the internet reading blogs that may have the correct information? Have you listened to or read Python material but never practiced or typed it? This is the solution for you.

This bundle has material for all learning styles, visual, auditory, and hands on! With it's unique self-reporting labs, you will be able to see whether you are mastering Python. In addition there are video explanations to all of the labs.

Included in this offer is over 3 hours of training video, a best selling book on Python, and more. There are bonus materials that deal with testing, and another that walks through the creation of a Python script from start to finish.

Over the years I have taught hundreds of people Python at conferences such as PyCon, OSCON, Strata, and SCALE. Python is in demand. This bundle will allow you to learn Python quickly and apply best practices of the language.

The bundle includes:

* 3+ Hours of Video Training

* Best-Selling Book Treading on Python

* Self-correcting Labs to allow practicing Python

* Video explanations of the Labs

* A handy cheatsheet to keep to basics around

* Bonus video covering unittest

* Bonus video covering creating a Python script from scratch

Here are some user testimonials:

This course was a great introduction to Python. I have been working off of the shaky google-it-when-I-have-a-question foundation up to this point. Now, many things are clearer and I feel I can much more of the language with confidence.

—T. Summers

I just finished watching your series; loved it. I like the organization and the progression from topic to topic; showing the user how to use the python documentation and using tests to practice different segments. These are invaluable skills for any developer.

My favorite part is highlighting all the little gotchas and tricks during different topics... it would have saved many many developer hours if I had a series like yours when I first started learning python.

The books, cheat-sheet are invaluable references to anyone who is either starting out or uses python regularly; the videos complement the book perfectly.

—M. Kumar

I have many C++ expert colleagues who would benefit from a crash course like this that helped them quickly connect their existing programming understanding to Python constructs. I think that is the main power of the course.

—J. Ludlow

Stop wasting time and click on "I want this" now to begin you path to mastering Python!

I want this!

90% of Python Bundle

0 ratings
I want this!